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FlexBox is an innovative new industrial warehouse solution for users looking to put their new business on the map, expand their business with space to grow or create the man-cave of their dreams. This cutting-edge commercial project provides functionality, accessibility and convenience. FlexBox Caringbah is set to become the Sutherland Shire’s benchmark for premium industrial estates. Enquire today to secure your unit.

30 spacious and versatile
office warehouse units

17 convenient storage units
from 10m2 to 22m2



M8, M5 and M7 Motorways
for ease of access

NBN connection

Secure complex with
24/7 access

Awnings for all
weather unloading

Accessible for small,
rigid vehicles



FlexBox Caringbah at 32-36 Box Road is in one of Sydney’s most sought-after locations. Only a stone’s throw from Westfield Miranda and surrounding residential suburbs, seconds from multiple bus routes, 10km to the iconic Cronulla surf beaches and 30 minutes to Sydney CBD, FlexBox delivers a dynamic home for your business with no compromise on your lifestyle.

30 mins

to Sydney CBD

25 mins

to Botany

10 mins

to Cronulla

15 mins

to Sutherland

55 mins

to Wollongong

25 mins

to Mascot


Site plans

FlexBox features an advanced design with pre-cast concrete walls, concrete mezzanine flooring, glass facades and an impressive visual for your business.

Industrial warehouses include:

  • Mezzanine office space
  • 5m high ceiling space to warehouse
  • Kitchenette and bathroom
  • NBN connection
  • 40A 3 phase power
  • 2 car parking spaces on title
  • Accessible for small, ridged vehicles
  • CCTV covers driveway entry/exit

Self-Storage Unit include:

  • 20A single phase power
  • Secure floor access from ground floor lift (Load 2,000kg)
Ground Floor
First Floor
Second Floor


For Sale Deposit Taken Sold

Ground floor

Unit Warehouse Office Total
G-01 66m2 56m2 122m2
G-02 71m2 59m2 130m2
G-03 71m2 59m2 130m2
G-04 72m2 59m2 131m2
G-05 51m2 61m2 112m2
G-06 136m2 64m2 200m2
G-07 118m2 36m2 154m2
G-08 118m2 36m2 154m2
G-09 118m2 40m2 158m2
G-10 118m2 40m2 158m2
G-11 141m2 40m2 181m2
G-12 129m2 56m2 185m2

First floor

Unit Warehouse Office Total
F-01 87m2 44m2 131m2
F-02 87m2 48m2 135m2
F-03 87m2 45m2 132m2
F-04 87m2 50m2 137m2
F-05 139m2 37m2 176m2
F-06 68m2 71m2 139m2
F-07 68m2 71m2 139m2
F-08 68m2 68m2 136m2

Second floor

Unit Warehouse Office Total
S-01 112m2 53m2 165m2
S-02 91m2 56m2 147m2
S-03 61m2 30m2 91m2
S-04 93m2 63m2 156m2
S-05 91m2 50m2 141m2
S-06 91m2 50m2 141m2
S-07 93m2 63m2 156m2
S-08 85m2 45m2 130m2
S-09 85m2 45m2 130m2
S-10 93m2 63m2 156m2


Unit Total
Storage 1 15m2
Storage 2 15m2
Storage 3 14m2
Storage 4 13m2
Storage 5 13m2
Storage 6 14m2
Storage 7 13m2
Storage 8 13m2
Storage 9 16m2
Storage 10 16m2
Storage 11 17m2
Storage 12 22m2
Storage 13 10m2
Storage 14 10m2
Storage 15 17m2
Storage 16 18m2
Storage 17 22m2

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